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What age range is Sounds-Write for?

Our primary aim is for Sounds-Write to be used as a beginning reading programme that starts when children enter Primary School in Reception (age 4–5) and which is then taught throughout Key Stage 1 (age 5–7), before being fine-tuned in Years 3 and above (Key Stage 2, ages 7–11).

After Y3, we would expect staff to be using the programme to teach the less frequent sound-spelling correspondences that come up in the daily round of teaching. We believe there is always a place for keeping the three key skills of segmenting, blending and phoneme manipulation sharp, especially with work on less frequently encountered polysyllabic words that come up in the curriculum.

Children who make a slower start initially may continue to need the kinds of structured and systematic teaching presented in the programme.

Sounds-Write can also be taught as a catch-up programme:

  • to a whole class if they’ve not done any phonics before
  • to a small group of pupils or one-to-one for pupils who have fallen behind the rest of the class and need significant input.

Ultimately, the writing system was invented to represent the sounds in speech. This being the case, phonics is relevant to everyone from beginner to adult.


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