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What is Sounds-Write?

You don’t need to take our word for just how good Sounds-Write is!

Here, in full and without any editing from us, are the two most recent reports from the DfE on our courses: DfE Report 2013 and DfE Report 2012.

Once you’ve read these, you may like to take a look at other providers of literacy programmes to see how many of them go public with the DfE’s reports on them.

To see just how well Sounds-Write can work in a school, watch Janet Hilary, Head of St. George’s in Battersea, talking to our very own Dr Derrie Clark.

For further evidence of Sounds-Write’s effectiveness, see this in-depth statistical analysis of its impact.

Our report gives statistical information on 1,607 pupils we tracked all the way through Key Stage 1, as well as providing many other insights into how well we can expect young children to learn to read and spell in the early years.

Synopsis of the content of Phases 1 to 5

Sounds-Write compared to Letters and Sounds

This document contains a Synopsis of the content of Phases 1 to 5 (i.e. YR and Y1)

The DfE’s Y1 Screening Check

Sounds-Write teaches everything children need for this mandatory test. Not all phonics programmes do. For details, please download this document.

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