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Research reports

Sounds-Write Research Report to Schools 2009:

A Longitudinal Study of Literacy Development from 2003-2009 following 1607 Pupils Through Key Stage One

From the outset, Sounds-Write has asked schools using the programme to participate in testing their pupils using objective tests of reading and spelling.

The 2009 Sounds-Write Report to schools shows the progress of 1607 individual pupils for whom we have spelling test results obtained during May and June at the end of each of their YR, Y1 and Y2 school years.

The results demonstrate conclusively that, given high quality training, teaching practitioners can teach virtually all children to learn to read and spell. In our study, 91% of the pupils tested moved up to Key Stage 2 with basic literacy skills at an age appropriate level or above. What is more, boys do as well as girls, socio-economic background makes little or no difference, and geographical location is not a factor.

The full story is contained in this pdf file:

Archived Sounds-Write Research Report from 2008

Gender difference and slower starting learners;

Reading Age data in Y1 & Y2

Here are two sections from the Sounds-Write Data Report for 2007, which are not contained in the 2008 report:

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