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The Literacy Blog

Informed opinion on the latest developments in literacy from John Walker, a director of Sounds-Write.


The Sounds of English

If you’re not sure how to say the sounds of the Initial Code accurately, listen to the delightful way they are spoken by children at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School and copy them.


The Reading Reform Foundation

Particularly their Discussion Forum:


Times Educational Supplement

Select ‘Browse Forums’ and go to ‘Early Years’, where there are usually threads running on how to teach reading and spelling.


Susan Godsland’s website

For its encyclopaedic knowledge of everything and anything to do with debates about the teaching of reading and spelling.


Dandelion Readers from Phonic Books



Forward with Phonics

Sounds-Write trainer Frances Woodward has written two books: Phonics Resources for Older Learners and Phonics Stories for Older Learners. They are designed to supplement the Sounds-Write programme when working with older children, adults and ESOL learners.


Our illustrators

Illustrations for many of our books are provided by these most excellent illustrators:

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