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The Sounds-Write app

The official app for the Sounds-Write Initial Code phonics programme, for learning to read and spell in English. This app is available exclusively for iPad (not, for instance, for iPhone or Android).

In February 2018 a major update (free to existing users) incorporated much of the feedback we have received and greatly improved the stability of the app in daily use. 

For young children to become fluent readers and spellers they need to rehearse and consolidate what they are learning. It is this, repeated over and over again, that enables their access to alphabetic code knowledge and skills to become totally automatic and internalised processes.

This app offers a variety of activities to develop the skills of blending and segmenting, sound spelling correspondence, word reading and writing and some sentences reading and writing.

The app introduces all the sound-spelling correspondences your child needs to learn to put them well on the way to learning to read and write.

Download and try it free from the UK iTunes app store.  Or from here if you’re in Australia. (When you want to progress, there is a small charge to unlock additional modules.)

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