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Informational texts: Animals

Fact File: Animal Series

Each of these books is 8 pages long and costs £2.50.

These informational texts complement the teaching of a knowledge curriculum. They are suitable for Y1 onwards as well as for intervention settings. Children will develop their knowledge of animals - their lives, their diet and their habitats - as well as practising the skills and code knowledge they have been learning.

They start at the end of our Initial Code with Ants and continue through the Extended Code to < oo > with Wolves.


Our new titles are:

  • Ants (Initial Code)
  • Slugs and Snails /ae/
  • Seals /ee/
  • Crows /oe/
  • Earthworms /er/
  • Jellyfish /e/
  • Owls /ow/
  • Kangaroos /oo/ as in m/oo/n
  • Mice /ie/
  • Wolves /oo/ as in b/oo/k.

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